A biography of jim dine a painter from cincinnati

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A biography of jim dine a painter from cincinnati

Biography Dine was a prominent figure in American Pop Art and was best known for his combination of real objects set against backgrounds of painterly textures.

He had his first one-man show at the Reuben Gallery, New York in In he came to the fore as one of the pioneers of Happenings, sometimes collaborating with Claes Oldenburg.

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He also collaborated with the British Pop artist Eduardo Paolozzi in a series of collages. Later he turned to representational painting of a traditional, classical kind. Dine continually tested the boundaries of works of art often using real objects in his paintings such as bathrobes, ties, hair and household appliances.

Most of his creations make their initial impact as visual puns or parodies, with all kinds of juxtapositions and combinations of elements and images. In the 's Dine enclosed objects within glass boxes, cast life-size feet, boots and hands and made plywood hearts and executed collages.

Dine's first set of prints was completed in and consists of five black lithographs which are essentially expressionist images. Dine has been enormously prolific in print production and uses or combines - intaglio, lithography, woodcut and screenprint.

He works with an array of unconventional hand and machine tools on his print surfaces and occasionally on the paper itself.

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Dine frequently returns to his plates and essentially recycles them. By making alterations and erasures Dine allows the evidence of correction and revision to enrich his prints with what he describes as their "History".Jim Dine studied at the University of Cincinnati and the Boston Museum School, earning a BFA at Ohio University in In he moved to New York City and soon began to participate—often in collaboration with artist Claes Oldenburg—in the Happenings that were designed to break down the barriers between "art" and "life.".

Jim Dine Artist Biography Jim Dine is probably best known for his images of everyday and found objects such as a mans dressing-gown, a heart, or the Venus de Milo. The following is a list of famous people born in Ohio, and people who spent significant periods of their lives living in Ohio.

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Five Paintbrushes (fourth state) Painter, printmaker, and poet Jim Dine (born ) has distinguished himself from his contemporaries by his insistence on personal, often autobiographical, imagery.

A native of Cincinnati, he took classes at the Cincinnati Art Academy during high school. Between and , he studied at the.

Biography. Chiefly associated with the American Pop art movement of the s, the painter, sculptor, printmaker and graphic artist Jim Dine first came to attention as a pioneer of Happenings and a member of Neo-Dada (). Shortly afterwards, he became identified - along with Roy Lichtenstein (), Ray Johnson (), Andy Warhol (), Robert Indiana (b), Claes Oldenburg.

A biography of jim dine a painter from cincinnati

Biography. Jim Dine was born in in Cincinnati, Ohio. He studied at night at the Art Academy of Cincinnati during his senior year of high school and then attended the University of Cincinnati, the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and Ohio University, Athens, .

A biography of jim dine a painter from cincinnati
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