Adolescent psychology midterm

We also did this tray outside of the sand tray for sand tray therapy class. We were to pick figurines that represented us and members of our family. Summer These miniatures were put outside of the sand tray for my sand tray therapy class assignment. I wrote down some emotions Archetypes I had been feeling during the week.

Adolescent psychology midterm

This person coined the term "adolescence".

This person was a Neo-Freudian who created the Psychosocial Stages of Development which included stages for adolescent development. This person promoted "nature" as the most important aspect of development in his book "On the Origin of Species".

A learning theorist that said development during adolescence was influenced by both genetic and environmental factors. Ivan Pavlov or B. This anthropologist promoted nurture as more influential to adolescent development than nature. This is the system of glands responsible for secreting the hormones that trigger puberty.

The Endocrine System Question: This is the term for the main class of hormones for male puberty.

Adolescent psychology midterm

This is the peak age of pubertal changes for girls, where as for boys it is The very early onset of puberty is known as? This is the brain structure that regulates the master gland. This is the average number of hours per day adolescents spend under non-school related media influences.

This is the average number of texts an adolescent sends each day. This is a diminished emotional response to negative stimuli seen on the media after repeated exposure. This is the percentage of tv shows that have sexual content.

This is the percentage of tv shows that have violence. This form of depression is when you have symptoms that last over two years. When media exposure of the suicide of one person leads to the attempted or successful suicide of another.

What is the most common way to assess depression?

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The term that described the trend that people with one disorder are often also diagnosed with another disorder for example, an adolescent with depression is also likely to have an anxiety disorder.

This is the age range when most eating disorders are developed. This type of eating disorder is when there is excessive dieting and use of diuretics followed by periods of intense overeating and throwing up. List three medical problems associated with eating disorders.Related Research on Web This is a list of Webcentric articles/books that use Social Network Sites as central to the discussion.

Beer, David and Roger Burrows.

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View Notes - adolescent midterm 3 study guide from PSYCH at University of Southern California. Midterm 3 Chapter 8- Identity Self Coherent psychological structure that includes the individuals.

Adolescent Psychology midterm.

Adolescent psychology midterm

Topics: High school, Middle school, Adolescence Pages: 2 ( words) Published: August 18, Identity formation is a complex and multifaceted process for adolescents, particularly during middle school and early high school.

Therefore, it is far more likely that students who appear disengaged to school faculty. Social Psychology and the Stanford Prison Experiment by Philip Zimbardo - Social psychology is an empirical science that studies how people think about, influence, and relate to one another.

TEACHING. Click the name of the course below to find syllabi, lecture notes, and more. General Psychology (PSY ) Applying Psychological Science (PSY ).

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