An argument against the construction of the oil pipeline from north dakota to illinois due to enviro

Gulf Coast, has languished for six years awaiting presidential approval, which is needed because the pipeline crosses a national border. Constitution to green light the pipeline without the need for presidential approval. Political observers look for Mitch McConnell, the expected new Senate Majority Leader, to quickly back a Keystone bill because it has bipartisan votes and the support of key constituencies, such as organized labor. Democrats Tom Carper and Chris Coons, both from Delaware, have also indicated previously that they support the pipeline.

An argument against the construction of the oil pipeline from north dakota to illinois due to enviro

I wonder what that certain something is The Kochs will make more money because of this you half wit. If you already own other resources in that market, restricting other companies from producing makes you more money, not less.

And it is the reason why big oil loves the greens. To hear the greens rant and rave about big oil is high comedy.

An argument against the construction of the oil pipeline from north dakota to illinois due to enviro

When things go bad, that is intentional. Absent chaos, Obama cannot accomplish that which he hopes to do. I mean, he just has a different view of what America should be like than me, right? They actually think the country can run on unicorn farts and this is a good thing.

But he is not. And he is their leader. He gets paid to ignore the stupid people. In the end he is either just as stupid as they are or cares more about making them happy than doing the right thing.

Either case has the same result as meaning the country harm.


A resource vital to our economy that is largely controlled by our enemies, but new technology makes it feasible for a friently neighbor to supply it to us. In the end I think he is just that stupid. The Greens really do believe in unicorn farts. They honestly think that the country can live without oil if we just make it happen.

And his view is that every drop of oil we pump out of the ground puts that glorious day further off. The environmental movement is mad. They have no sense and will not listen to any sort or reason.Feb 19,  · Immediately it will be billions of dollars and construction jobs.

Inevitably the pipeline will add pressure to OPEC. Re: Oil Glut Continues, Nixes Need For Keystone Pipeline > There are reasons for that pipeline and reasons against.

Not least of which transported the oil on CPR tracks from North Dakota to the CPR . In what looks to be a sequel to the Keystone XL Pipeline dispute, a group of climate activists, Native American groups, and landowners are opposing the construction of yet another oil pipeline.

Selected Bibliography for the Study Women as Homesteaders in North Dakota. Fargo, ND: North Dakota Institute for Regional Studies, The War Against the Seals: A History of the North American Seal Fishery.

Toronto, Ontario: McGill-Queen's University Press, Office of Oil and Gas. Office of Special Reclamation. See More. Water and Waste. Water and Waste Home. (d) List. Water Withdrawal Guidance Tool.

Indian-American history

Permitting. Water Use. Aboveground Storage Tanks. See More. Inside DEP. Environmental Advocate. Contact the Executive Office. Environmental Enforcement. The tribe’s members and hundreds of other Native people have been protesting the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline since April.

from oil fields in North Dakota to a river port in. The pipeline runs through North and South Dakota, Iowa and Illinois. It has the capacity to transport more than.

There is a huge movement rising against the construction of an oil pipeline in North Dakota but the media won't tell you about it! We stand with The Standing Rock Rez in their effort to fight against the construction of the.

The Increasing Irrelevance of the Keystone XL Debate