Business report table of contents template for microsoft

Depending on the project, it might be dozens or even hundreds of pages long! When a document is this large, it can be difficult to remember which page has what information. Fortunately, Word allows you to insert a table of contents, making it easy to organize and navigate your document.

Business report table of contents template for microsoft

Business Problem This section of the Business Case deals with the description and explanation of the Business Problem that the project is designed to solve.

Environmental Analysis Outline the core aspects of the business environment which have driven the business case for this project. Business Vision, Strategy or Objectives Business processes or technologies which are not operating efficiently New Competitor products or processes which have been identified New technology trends or opportunities resulting from new technologies introduced Commercial or operational trends which are driving changes in the business Changes to Statutory, legislative or other environmental requirements.

Outline the business problem or opportunity that this project is design to address. Business Problem Provide a description of the business problem, including: The reasons why the problem exists.

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The impact it is having on the business e. The impact of doing nothing. Business Opportunity Outline the business opportunity which has been identified, including: Any supporting evidence A time frame within which the opportunity will likely exist The positive impact that realization of the opportunity will have on the business.

Available Options This section provides an overview of all solution options, their benefits, costs, feasibility, risks and issues.

business report table of contents template for microsoft

Options suggested could include doing nothing, in-house solutions, outsourcing options, offshore solution, automated solutions, manual or process based options.

Often the number of options available can be reduce by a detailed Feasibility Study. Option [number] Provide a number, name and description of the option identified.

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The description should include the approach that would be taken and the main elements of the solution for example: Complete the following table:Get a push notification when a new file is added in OneDrive for Business.

By Microsoft. Used times. Create a OneNote page for upcoming event Create a Microsoft To-Do task for important emails and send a notification Quickly track your work hours and work location in an Excel table.

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By Microsoft. Used times. Post to Slack if a. The Avery table of contents template is, in short, a pre-made template that loads in Microsoft Word. The template has already been laid out, and all the user has to do is fill in the blanks with the page numbers and the chapter titles.

The predefined table of contents for general proposals are included in the template, which can be utilized as a standard contents to be included in your proposal- you can modify, add or change orders of slides depending on your needs and purposes.

Table of contents template is the single most valuable document for those who don’t have enough time to write this section of the project.

And most importantly, the file is easy to edit. Sample Table of Contents Template in Word. Table of Contents (Distinctive design) Use this table of contents template to manually add a chapter index to a book or report; it is separated by chapter, section and subsection.

Word. Download Share.

business report table of contents template for microsoft

More templates like this. Book manuscript Word. Book collection list Excel. T4 Template An unusual option is to generate text using a T4 template. This has the advantage of being rather familiar if you are an developer as the templates will look familiar.

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