Business report template ukraine

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Business report template ukraine

Today, a TV format is the moving force of progress within the television industry. As the first TV formats were created, their owners started to think about how best to protect their intellectual property rights.

The thing is, a TV format is not recognized as intellectual property either by national regulations or under the Berne Convention on the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works. There are two significant legal precedents in the Ukrainian judicial practice resulting from the disputes over TV show formats.

The first one is the legal battle between TV shows titled Karaoke na Maidani eng: Karaoke on the Square and Karaoke u Fontana eng: Karaoke by the Fountain.

The second one, which is the case in point in this article, is business report template ukraine legal battle over the format between the TV shows titled Revizor eng: InNovy Kanal launched the reality show about the quality of customer services provided by Ukrainian hotels, restaurants, shops, health centers, etc.

The show turned out to be very popular and won numerous Ukrainian TV awards. The 4th season of Revizor started on January 6, The show was still very popular and boosted Novy Kanal rating. The purpose of the show was to check schools, clothing stores, supermarkets and other places for trustworthiness and quality of provided services.

As a result, both Revizor and Inspector Freimut carried out inspections of customer service providers and evaluated the quality of services.

The claimant provided the following arguments: The claimant provided the list specifying the parts of the said works used in Inspector Freimut. Though, there was no response. However, they argued that the claims stated by the claimant were unreasonable.

The audio-visual work, i. Both parties requested the legal expertise to be carried out. According to the expert opinion admitted by the court as the evidence in the case, the work contains several elements, some of which have no legal effect not protected by copyrightwhile some constitute legally relevant facts protected by copyright.

- U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC)

For example, such legally relevant elements of a literary work are the following elements of the form Internal the composition of the work, its structure, imagery ; External language, specific vocabulary, the style of speech, etc. The elements with no legal effect include the theme, material, plot, idea, etc.

The expert opinion in the case contains the results of comparative study of Inspector Freimut episodes and Revizor episodes.Corruption is a widespread problem in Ukrainian society.

Transparency International's Corruption Perception Index ranks the country th place out of countries. Ernst & Young (in ) put Ukraine among the three most corrupted nations of the world together with Colombia and Brazil.

In , The Guardian called Ukraine "the most . A Power BI Report Template contains the definition of the Report (pages, visuals, etc.), Data Model definition (schema, relationships, measures, etc.) and Queries definition (collection of queries, including Query Parameters, etc.).

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Below you will find templates that you can download and examples of monthly reports as reference. Elements of a Monthly Report. Using an annual report is a great way for your business to assess the efficiency of your long-term objectives.

Even if an annual report already works great for your business, it is still important for you to have separate monthly reports. Ukraine business report: Responsibility: Interfax News Agency.

business report template ukraine

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