Catering risk

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Catering risk

Skin problems in catering businesses Does this concern me? Yes, it concerns you if: Why is this a problem for my catering business? Work-related dermatitis often called eczema is one of the main causes of ill-health for catering staff chefs, cooks and catering assistants.

The number of new cases per year is twice the average of all other industries. Remember that work-related ill health can cost more than twice as much as an accident causing injury. Could you afford this?

Catering risk

What should I do about it? Use the APC approach: Avoid direct contact between unprotected hands and cleaning products, water and food where this is sensible and practical. Use a dishwasher rather than washing up by hand. Use tools such as tongs to handle food rather than hands.

Use a food processor for chopping or mixing. Avoiding contact will not always be possible so: Wear appropriate gloves where you can and particularly when carrying out all cleaning activities. Information on what types of gloves to wear will be supplied with the cleaning products.

Where you wear gloves for handling food, remember your food safety training, so wash your hands before and after wearing gloves, avoid cross contamination, use single-use non-latex disposable gloves. Provide soft, disposable paper towels for drying the skin.

Use appropriate creams that will not contaminate food or cause cross-contamination, eg from a dispenser, hypoallergenic, and either non-tainting or free of fragrance and free of nut oil.

Check hands regularly for the first signs of dermatitis — itchy, dry or red skin: When dermatitis is spotted early, it can be treated, which can stop it from getting too bad. Checking for dermatitis can easily be included in your sickness arrangements for food safety. Your staff need to know about the simple steps.

Training and information resources can help you to inform and train employees. What about food safety and dermatitis? You may recognise some of these suggestions, as these are also good food safety techniques.risk assessment -repairing the damaged lv cable at sea water intake area (back side of bldg ).docx.

March/April Issue. High Risk Recreation — Problem Gambling In Older Adults By David Surface Social Work Today Vol. 9 No. 2 P.

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Catering risk

Outside Caterers Catering. For University purposes we have classified outside vendors offering food solutions as “caterer” and “non-caterer.”This document is designed to help you understand the difference between catered and non-catered events when using outside vendors.

Risk assessment is a fundamental part of an organisation’s health and safety management system. The requirement for employers to carry out suitable and sufficient risk assessments exists under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations The concept of risk management is.

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