College essays standardized testing

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Failure in the education system have been blamed on rising poverty levels, teacher quality, and increasingly on the pervasive use of standardized testing. Standardized testing should not be a graduation requirement because testing has not improved student achievement, excessive testing may teach students to be good at test taking, but does not prepare them for productive adult lives, and it causes severe stress in young students. Standardized testing has not improved student achievement.

College essays standardized testing

That sounds pretty cush to me.

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I would love to do nothing for six hours! While administering a standardized test, the only two things you can do are 1 walk around the room, and 2 watch students take a test. No writing, drawing, doing crossword puzzles, or Sudoku. No lunges, jumping jacks, or anything that would distract students.

No grading papers or getting caught up on work. No sitting for more than a few minutes. No standing in one place. The State would call this "actively monitoring.

Because of this, I've become somewhat of an expert in creating mental and physical activities that can be done while actively monitoring that won't distract children or get you in trouble. If you're not a teacher, you can use any of these the next time you're getting an CT scan! First of all, wear a pedometer.

Standardized Tests

Set up a contest with other teachers to see who can get the highest step count during the day. Just kidding or am I? But make it something good. Do a few laps around the room pretending to be an Olympic speed skater during a slow-motion replay.

The Active Monitoring Workout Abs: I read somewhere that one of the most effective ab workouts is simply exhaling all of your air, then tensing up your ab muscles as hard as you can.

Flex your bicep as hard as you can for various increments of time 5. Imagine what animal each student would be. Not personality-wise, but strictly based on facial appearance. For example, the Mythbusters guy looks like a walrus. Imagine who you would be friends with if you were that age in school right now.

If your group of students somehow got stranded on a desert island, which job would each student have? Dream up your Best Day Ever. Best Day Ever means that you have 24 hours do whatever you want, whenever you want, and with whomever you want.

Try to plan out every detail. What would you eat for meals? You would stay in one place the whole day or jump around to different places in a teleport?

Who all would you see—friends and family, celebrities, or a combination? Your imagination is the limit! Think about what kind of unrealistic things would make the world a better place.

If streetlamps were also bubble machines If hallways were trampolines If instead of receipts we were handed chocolate chip cookies If we got paychecks for laughing instead of working Would you rather get pooped on by a bird every time you go outside, or never get pooped on but be allowed outside for 5 hours on Saturdays only?

Would you rather change gender every time you sneezed, or not be able to tell the difference between a muffin and a baby? Would you rather have to smell a fart all the time or have super bad breath?

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Also think about what song would be playing during the parade. Look at the items in the room and think about how you would use them for survival if there was a zombie apocalypse Use some Crest White Strips or other teeth whitening agent Buy three different kinds of gum and time all three of them to see which one loses flavor the fastest Take your pulse before and after thinking about the most annoying person you know and see if it changes Now I would like to know your answer for your Best Day Ever and at least one of the Would You Rather questions.

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Standardized testing has become and ever important tool in measuring scholastic ability from seniors down to third grade students. Because of the dire need to improve test scores and student performance, more and more emphasis has been placed on standardized testing.

College essays standardized testing

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