Daily routine essay for students

Activities in the morning:

Daily routine essay for students

I am a student. I lead a disciplined life. Regularity in work has become a habit with me.

Good Study Habit #5 - Establish a Study Zone

Hence my daily life follows a very simple routine. I rise very early in the morning begin my day with my morning prayer.

Then I go for a walk in the open fields. There I perform my breathing exercise and take in as much oxygen from the fresh morning air as possible.


On coming back, I take my bath. After my breakfast, I take to studies. I continue reading till 9. Then I prepare myself to go to school. The school begins at 11 A. But I am at school at least ten minutes earlier.

11 Good Study Habits for Students (How to Build a Daily Routine)

On reaching school, I make it a point to occupy one of the seats of the front benches. This I do for two reasons: We learn various subjects according to the school time-table.

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I prepare my lessons well everyday. I am always in the good grace of my teachers. The school breaks at 4. After school hours I return home at 4. After taking some light refreshment, I go -to the play ground to take part in various games, specially hockey. It refreshes my brain and makes my body active.

At about sunset, I get back home. After my evening prayers, I sit down to study and continue upto 8. After supper, I spend sometime with my brothers and sisters watching T. Very soon sleep overpowers me and I go to bed.

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On holidays; I sometimes visit my friends and relatives. Life on holidays will necessarily create a breach of the regular routine. But I never break the golden rule "Early to bed and early to rise.As a student, I lead a life of honesty and simplicity.

By habit I get up early from bed and clean my parts of the body and brush my teeth with a brush. I take physical exercise to keep my body healthy and fit and if it becomes advantageous for me, I take a walk of about one kilometer. My Daily Life as a Student - Essay.

Essay on daily routine

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Write ten sentences daily routine in English. You can start your essay as below: We can write daily routine sentences for many reasons and they all have to be in the present simple..

Purposes: Writing a daily diary. Writing your daily routine home work.

Daily routine essay for students

MY DAILY ROUTINE Georgi Petrov It would be a pleasure for me to tell you about my daily ph-vs.com Written by Our 8th Grade Students homework. After this I go home to relax and listen to Bulgarian national music.I wait for my bus get on it and get off it on my stop and go to the PC club to see who’s there.5/5(1).

Daily routine essay for students

The use of daily grammar "warm-ups" helps students to have better long-term retention of grammar terms and vocabulary. Throughout the course of my high school education, English tests always proved to .

My Daily Life Essay| Essay And Paragraph