Gm downsizing the hummer

According to President Johan de Nysschen, such a vehicle is under development. The chief Cadillac executive told The Detroit Free Press in a report published on Tuesday that a three-row Cadillac crossover will likely debut in spring of

Gm downsizing the hummer

Purchased by General Motors inOakland continued to produce modestly priced automobiles until when it was renamed Pontiac. It was named after the famous Ottawa chief who had also given his name to the city of Pontiac, Michigan where the car was produced.

As a result of Pontiac's rising sales, versus Oakland's declining sales, Pontiac became the only companion marque to survive its parent, with Oakland ceasing production in Pontiacs were also manufactured from knock-down kits at GM's short-lived Japanese factory at Osaka Assembly in Osaka, Gm downsizing the hummer from The next year, it became the top-selling six in the U.

This was done by using many components from the 6-cylinder Chevrolet Mastersuch as the body, but installing a large chrome strip on the top and center of the front hood Pontiac called the "Silver Streak".

Only eight cylinder engines were offered in anddisplacing In the late s, Pontiac used a Buick "torpedo" body for one of its models, just prior to its being used by Chevrolet, earning some media attention for the marque.

An unusual feature of the "torpedo"-bodied exhibition car was that, with push of a button, the front half of the body would open showing the engine and the car's front seat interior.

New stronger X frame had Hotchkiss drive using a two part drive shaft. The "C" body for was called the Torpedo.

In all Pontiac's were called Torpedoes.

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On 2 Februarya Pontiac was the last civilian automobile manufactured in the United States during World War IIas all automobile factories converted to military production.

It came with a flathead straight eight. Straight 8s were slightly less expensive to produce than the increasingly popular V8s, but they were also heavier and longer. Additionally, the long crankshaft suffered from excessive flex, restricting straight 8s to a relatively low compression ratio with a modest redline.

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However, in this application, inexpensive yet very quiet flatheads were not a liability. The Hydra-matic automatic transmission was introduced in and helped Pontiac sales grow even though their cars, Torpedoes and Streamliners, were quickly becoming out of date.

The first all-new Pontiac models appeared in They incorporated styling cues such as lower body lines and rear fenders that were integrated in the rear-end styling of the car. Along with new styling came a new model.

Continuing the Native American theme of Pontiac, the Chieftain line was introduced to replace the Torpedo. These were built on the GM B-Body platform and featured different styling than the more conservative Streamliner. Inthe Catalina pillarless hardtop coupe was introduced as a "halo" model, much like the Chevrolet Bel Air of the same year.

InPontiac discontinued the Streamliner and replaced it with additional models in the Chieftain line built on the GM A-body platform. This single model line continued until when the Star Chief was added.

The models were the first to have one-piece windshields instead of the normal two-piece units. While the and models were heavily re-worked versions of the Chieftain models, they were engineered for the V8 engine that was supposed to be introduced on the models, however Buick division complained to corporate that the introduction might take sales away because Buick was introducing its new nailhead V-8 in The corporation held Pontiac back until Completely new bodies and chassis were introduced for With the introduction of this V8, the six-cylinder engines were discontinued; a six-cylinder would not return to the full-size Pontiac line until the GM corporate downsizing of A four-cylinder engine was introduced in the Tempest model line infollowed by an overhead-cam six-cylinder starting inas well as on the Firebird.

It was the first popular-priced, mass-produced engine in America utilizing an overhead-camshaft configuration. Estes and John DeLoreanKnudsen immediately began reworking the brand's image.GM: Downsizing the Hummer Read the case of GM: Downsizing the Hummer and answer the four questions below.

Question 1 Identify two of Maslow's needs that may motivate a purchase of a Hummer H2.

GM proposes painful downsizing in bid for survival - latimes

Explain your answer using. Subscribe now and save, give a gift subscription or get help with an existing subscription. We’re such suckers! Here we thought we had this GM Mystery Concept all figured out. I accepted Jim Cavanaugh’s rational deduction/guess of a design concept for the upcoming gen2 [ ].

Jan 19,  · A three-row Cadillac crossover vehicle is under development for General Motors' luxury brand, according to Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen.

Gm downsizing the hummer

Buick Overview. Though David Buick gave his name to the company he founded in , his unsuccessful management skills were replaced by the powerhouse that was Will Durant, who turned Buick into one of the top-selling cars in the early s. (first posted 10/18/) Earlier in this space we traced the promising birth (and rapid maturation) of GM’s first new nameplate since the car was the Saturn and in its earliest days, it offered the hope that a new way of designing, building and marketing cars would revitalize its parent company.

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