Helena arkansas civil war battle

Many of these soldiers have the word "deserted" after their names. We would like you to know that this is from the Microfilm from the National Archives.

Helena arkansas civil war battle

First full-scale battle of the war. First major battle of the Civil War. First major battle west of the Mississippi. Battle of the Hemp, or marijuana, Bales. Battle of Forts Jackson and St.

Philip - April 18—28 - Louisiana - Union victory. Battle of Williamsburg - May 5 - Virginia - Inconclusive. Johnston is injured during the battle. Battle of Memphis - June 6 - Tennessee - Union victory.

Battle of Kirksville - August 6—9 - Missouri - Union victory. Battle of Richmond - August 30 - Kentucky - Confederate victory. Battle of Munfordville - September 14—17 - Kentucky - Confederate victory.

Battle of Antietam - September 17 - Maryland - Inconclusive. Confederate General John Brown Gordon was shot five times, but survived. Battle of Perryville - October 8 - Kentucky - Inconclusive. Battle of Hartsville - December 7 - Tennessee - Confederate victory. Battle of Fredericksburg - December 13 - Virginia - Confederate victory.

Battle of Jackson - December 19 - Tennessee - Union victory. Battle of Hartville - January 9—11 - Missouri - Confederate victory. Battle of Brentwood - March 25 - Tennessee - Confederate victory. Battle of Franklin - April 10 - Tennessee - Union victory. Battle of Raymond - May 12 - Mississippi - Union victory.

Battle of Jackson - May 14 - Mississippi - Union victory. Battle of Aldie - June 17 - Virginia - Inconclusive.During the American Civil War, Arkansas was a Confederate state, though it had initially voted to remain in the ph-vs.coming the capture of Fort Sumter in April , Abraham Lincoln called for troops from every Union state to put down the rebellion, and Arkansas and several other states seceded.

For the rest of the war, Arkansas played a major role in controlling the vital Mississippi. The American Civil War () - U.S. Census. U.S. population: 31,, Total number of slaves in the Lower South.

Helena arkansas civil war battle

Battle of Helena, Arkansas, 4 July 2. Helena-West Helena, Arkansas - Wikipedia 3. The house was occupied by the U.S. Army during the Civil War () Graveyard Hill (Union Battery C) from the site of Fort Curtis Wartime p hoto of Fort Curtis. The Civil War batteries of Helena, Arkansas are a series of four defensive earthworks erected in Helena, Arkansas by Union Army forces during the American Civil War.

The four batteries played a significant role in the Battle of Helena, fought on July 4, , which secured the . Civil War Things to See in Helena: 1.

Phillips County Library & Museum, on Pecan Street. Nice assortment of relics and historical articles from Helena, including Cleburne's personal "Book of Common Prayer" that is about the only artifact of his that's still in Arkansas other .

Civil War battle summaries organized by state. Battle names appearing in blue denote a Union victory; butternut denotes a Confederate victory; green denotes an indecisive action..

State names link to maps showing battlefield locations by county.

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