How to write a story treatment definitions

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How to write a story treatment definitions

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how to write a story treatment definitions

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If you are a Jackson Pollock sort of word splasher, then you will know what I mean. Only you will understand the complexity of your story mapping and you will adore story lining. As a writer, I fall into both camps. I splash, but I also like structure and order.

I am also obsessed with story lining. The Creative Spark happens; as we story nuts all know, whenever the flip it wants to.

The fiction writer’s treatment

At the point of ignition, your imagination will be firing off at all angles. It might have been a word. It might have been an image. Here, at the Ignition Point, you need to brain storm what it is you are trying to say. But now you have started the engine, you need to make sure the narrative continues to drive forward otherwise what you may find is that you have just had an idea for a story that only sits in a single hour or two at the most.

The life span — or format length — of your story depends on many factors, but the most important one focusses down on the number of characters you have carrying your plot line and their interaction with each other.

Longevity of a story is the direct result of how much connectivity, association and impact one character and their arc, has on another. There is a reason why the series format also called Continuing Drama in UK TV has at its centre, a family, a group, an ensemble — these characters carry the weight of the series on their shoulders.

how to write a story treatment definitions

What is it you are trying to say? By vocalising what your story is really about; what you really want to discuss here, you will realise very quickly if there is enough actual meat on the bones to warrant more than a single telling.

You will also begin to pin point the main message. It will only be in the writing of the Treatment that you will be able to totally nail your story and where you will also be able to define the over all concept as well as zone in on the detail of your world.

The Expansion bit of the creation process is where you will need to describe and define the over all story arc of each character. Here you will be doing two vital things: These two have to work together. When you get Subtext working with Text; then your Message can come alive and your audience will know what it is you were trying to say.Instead, write the treatment – it’s a surefire way to help you decide if the story you have in mind is worth pursuing.

Of course, if you don’t feel like putting weeks’ worth of writing in to flesh out a full draft just yet, you still have one more pitch-able idea in the vault if necessary. HOW TO WRITE A REALLY GOOD TELEVISION DRAMA TREATMENT.

08 Nov. These are the definitions that describe my working day and most of my television career in drama production. When you write your episode outline in your treatment, do not go into too much detail.

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