Indian problem

Although the former Confederacy was the focus of many Reconstruction policies, it was the American West that was truly transformed in the decades following the Civil War. With its powers invigorated by the demands of war, the federal government, having abolished slavery, turned in the post-war period to address its remaining, and largely western, racial and moral problem groups: Native American populations, living at various stages of what nineteenth-century Americans called civilization, proved a particularly tricky segment of the population to integrate into the American body politic.

Indian problem

Hayworth Publishing House, In commemoration of having been so well received, Newport erected "a cross as a sign of English dominion. He "told him that the arms Indian problem the cross represented Powhatan and himself, and the middle their united league. While on a sight-seeing tour they entered the ancestral tombs of those Indians.

DeSoto "dipped into the pearls and gave his two joined hands full to each cavalier to make rosaries of, he said, to say prayers for their sins on.

Indian problem

We imagine if their prayers were in proportion to their sins they must have spent the most of their time at their devotions. It was in this fashion that America was divided between the powers of Europe and the aborigines were dispossessed of their country.


The barbaric rule of might from which the paleface had fled hither for refuge caught up with him again, and in the melee the hospitable native suffered "legal disability.

A long century of dishonor followed this inheritance of somebody's loot. Now the time is at hand when the American Indian shall have his day in court through the help of the women of America.

The stain upon America's fair name is to be removed, and the remnant of the Indian nation, suffering from malnutrition, is to number among the invited invisible guests at your dinner tables. In this undertaking there must be cooperation of head, heart and hand.

We serve both our own government and a voiceless people within our midst.

A Solution to the “Indian Problem”, | Records of Rights

We would open the door of American opportunity to the red man and encourage him to find his rightful place in our American life. We would remove the barriers that hinder his normal development. Wardship is no substitute for American citizenship, therefore we seek his enfranchisement. The many treaties made in good faith with the Indian by our government we would like to see equitably settled.

By a constructive program we hope to do away with the "piecemeal legislation" affecting Indians here and there which has proven an exceedingly expensive and disappointing method.

How it is organized and how it deals with wards of the nation? This is our first study. Let us be informed of facts and then we may formulate our opinions. In the remaining space allowed me I shall quote from the report of the Bureau of Municipal Research, in their investigation of the Indian Bureau, published by them in the September issue,No.

This report is just as good for our use today as when it was first made, for very little, if any, change has been made in the administration of Indian Affairs since then.

Such a digest was therefore prepared. It was not completed, however, until after Congress adjourned March 4, Then, instead of being published, it found its way into the pigeon-holes in the Interior Department and the Civil Service Commission, where the working papers and unpublished reports of the commission were ordered stored.

The digest itself would make a document of about three hundred pages. The report in typewritten form was one of the working documents used in the preparation of the 'budget' submitted by President Taft to Congress in February, The 'budget' was ordered printed by Congress, but the cost thereof was to be charged against the President's appropriation.

There was not enough money remaining in this appropriation to warrant the printing of the report on organization.

Indian problem

It, therefore, also found repose in a dark closet. It is again suggested, however, that the data might be made readily accessible and available to students by placing in manuscript division of the Library of Congress one copy of the unpublished reports and working papers of the President's Commission on Economy and Efficiency.The “Indian Problem” was produced to serve as the central video in the exhibition “Nation to Nation: Treaties Between the United States and American Indian Nations,” on view at the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, DC.

America's Indian Problem.

Mar 25,  · Best Answer: to the government, the "indian problem" is the same today as it was then we still exist. from the beginning your governments have been trying to get rid of us, first with massacres, then reservations, the legislation and most recently (in my lifetime) by forcefully sterilizing our women and stealing our Resolved.

By the s, Indian reservations were interfering with western expansion, and many Americans felt that the only solution to the “Indian Problem” was assimilation of . Founded in , Indian Motorcycle is America's first motorcycle company. Modern bikes are designed to reflect Indian's traditional styling & engineered to be powerful works of art.

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The nineteenth century’s Indian “Problem” or “Question” took many forms; American policymakers had to determine what was to be done about hostile tribes still vigorously resisting relocation, how reservations would be managed, and how to “kill the Indian . America's Indian Problem.

THE hospitality of the American aborigine, it is told, saved the early settlers from starvation during the first bleak winters.

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