Jazzy studio is a music and sound recording marketing essay

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Jazzy studio is a music and sound recording marketing essay

Recording In the previous tutorial we looked at recording instruments at the more classical end of the spectrum.

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Looked at from one point of view, recording a jazz session player is not dissimilar—choosing a suitable location with the right microphone correctly placed will get the job done in exactly the same way. But as we noted, classical musicians are usually highly trained at reading music, so they will most likely be looking for a notated part when they arrive for the session.

Jazz musicians are, almost by definition, improvisers. This is what they do best. They may not even be able to read a notated part that well, if at all.

Jazzy studio is a music and sound recording marketing essay

But if a talented jazz session player can connect to your track and the vibe is right for them, then watch out. You could be about to hear something awesome!

Ask yourself; does the style of the piece you have in mind really suit the session player you are about to invite? Is the range right for the instrument, or will he or she struggle in that key? Certain instruments are limited in that way; some harmonicas are keyed in C for example rather than fully chromatic; likewise certain types of whistles improvise better in some keys than others.

Best to find out before they arrive, so check with your player or send them an MP3 of the track before you tie up the session details. Note the pitch bends towards the end of the piece; these can work well but depend on the whistle either being in the same key of the piece or a closely related key, since many are not fully chromatic.

For the saxophone there is a whole family of instruments to consider. The tenor, the alto and the soprano sax are all beautiful instruments to work with—I also recorded a baritone sax one time—but they differ quite a bit in the kinds of thing they do well.

Many sax session players will own and play several, but some are known specialists in a particular instrument. The soprano sax is the highest pitched of the family and has a smooth, sweet clear sound. It can be extremely agile when well played, but needs particularly careful intonation to keep perfect tuning.

But what if you actually have a pretty clear idea in your mind what you want them to play? One solution is to prepare a MIDI part using samples for them to hear.

A well programmed part certainly can give a clear lead to the session player trying to understand what it is you want from them; it can point them in the right direction.

But here a word of caution might be in order: After all; you asked someone into your studio to play for real, which is going to be light years more authentic sounding than anything you previously programmed.

So just play your part once for guidance, remember to apologise for it, and then switch it off! We musicians are sensitive creatures and easily offended How Does It Sound in the Headphones?

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To get the best out of your player, they absolutely have to be hearing the track through their headphones at its best. So do make sure you check their headphone mix to see that it sounds just right.

This can be a little tricky if they are in another room and their mix is coming from the AUX send of a mixing desk. If your mixer has this capability, send the headphone mix out on an AUX send that has a pre-fade option, and make sure all the pre-fade buttons are pressed on every channel.

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This way, you can change your own control room monitor mix any way you want without it affecting what the player is hearing.

They might not actually need all of the mix.Download Free Sound Effects. Be the first to know when sounds are online! Receive our latest tips and tricks!

The Hollywood Reporter is your source for breaking news about Hollywood and entertainment, including movies, TV, reviews and industry blogs. Jazzy studio is a music and sound recording studio that provides recording services to local talents in and around Abeokuta south local government in Ogun state, Nigeria.

The organization is led by a respected businessman, Seun Odegbami, who has considerable experience in running an effective business. Fukuoka | Japan Fukuoka | Japan. I’m sitting in my studio with a Jazz record pulled up in my DAW.

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