Mc donaldization of childbirth essay

For Ritzer McDonaldization becomes manifested when a society adopts the characteristics of a fast-food restaurant. McDonaldization is a reconceptualization of rationalization and scientific management.

Mc donaldization of childbirth essay

My primary fields of expertise are Psychology, Sociology and Research both qualitative and quantitative strandsthough I have considerable knowledge in Politics, Economics, History and Philosophy — this allows me to pull on a variety of sources when compiling a piece of work.

Broadly speaking, my personal academic interests are rooted in various critical strands and radical alternatives within sociology, including feminism, Marxism, postmodernism and reflexive sociology in the Bourdieuian sense.

In addition, I also find historical sociology especially ancient Rome and Greece and sociological theory mainly debates surrounding epistemology and methodology particularly insightful and interesting.

Aside from having a long career as a student, I have also served as a tutor and lecturer at both university and college-level which has certainly enhanced my understanding of how the educational system works and, most importantly, what is expected of students to achieve a high mark.

However, this paper pays tribute to one particular sociologist, Max Weberwhose thoughts and concepts remain pivotal to our understanding of society today. In particular, his writings on bureaucratisation or the increasing implementation of administrative bureaucratic systems throughout various institutions e.

In summary, this essay illustrates the ongoing dialogue between sociologists like Ritzer and the ghost of Weber. Thus, as Toye alludes, the principle function of bureaucratisation was puritanical inasmuch as it served to eradicate human imperfection or error by minimising possibilities for creative thought or sentiment.

Thereafter there would be little to differentiate humanity from death, both would symbolise nothingness.

Indeed, as Ritzer Thus, as Edgell suggests, given its propensity to yield greater revenue, bureaucratisation had been assimilated into the world of industry under the auspices of Scientific Management Taylorism and Fordism. Subsequently, an increasing number of workers become disenfranchised and estranged i.

In this vein, as Weber implies, whilst an expedient contraption for increasing productivity, organisational and social control, a major irrationality of bureaucratisation is its enchainment of the soul and debasement of humanity. Indeed, we become servants, celebrants and evangelists of rationalisation, building temples in its name e.

Indeed, this contrasts somewhat with what Goos and Manning cited in Dickens et al Furthermore, as Castles and Miller contend, we witness the exportation of such mundane often labour-intensive occupations e.

However, as Townley et al contend, even within the higher echelons of management, employees become entangled in red-tape, subjected to scripted performances and organisational bureaucratic surveillance. Thus, the once revered, esoteric and elite medical practitioner is reduced to little more than a pre-programmed robot awaiting a production line of anonymous patients.

Mc donaldization of childbirth essay

In addition, McDonaldized principles permeate into those service industries that claim to offer that personal touch of spontaneity.

Indeed, this is what Bolton and Boyd call bureaucratisation of the sprit. Thus, service workers, having to masquerade everyday as the polite, cheerful and comported employee — what Ritzer Namely, ones humanity is exploited and subjugated by the overwhelming forces of rationality and economy, leaving workers feeling alienated, lonely and exhausted — to the detriment of their personal intimate lives.

Today, as Ritzer argues, the world leans towards a one-size-fits-all ethos whereby everything e. Thus, we might tentatively talk of the McIndividual. Today, as Leavitt notes, almost all births occur within the sterile, routinised and professional confines of the hospital, with machines, scientific knowledge and the scrutinising gaze of technicians continually charting every developmental stage of the pregnancy.

Subsequently, the human character of childbirth and post-natal care is somewhat distanced by the imposition of non-human equipment e. Subsequently, the individual self, its subjectivity and vibrant biography, fades into the inconsequential background.

Thus, it might also be suitable to talk of the McDeath and McBirth. Accordingly, as Hartley alludes, the beauty and value of creative mediation and depth of understanding is cast asunder as the dictates and oppressive forces of instrumentality and lucrative use-values come crashing through.

Indeed, this is an outcome Weber would have abhorred but perhaps understood as, pessimistically, inevitable. Yet, as Kellner cited in Smart Indeed, the whole of his book is designed on McDonaldized principles, colourful, simplistic, categorised etc, such that it might appeal to ordinary members of society and succeed as a conscious-raising strategy — it certainly excels as a piece of Public Sociology Burawoy Yet, whilst chapter 9 provides some optimism, this is tainted by the deterministic pessimism in the preceding 8 chapters.

Indeed, as Rinehart cited in Alfino et al For childbirth, it is the quickest delivery with the least amount of pain. Hospitals have increased their efficiency by shortening stays after delivery, as well as by increasing their usage of medical interventions.

Traditionally, childbirth has emphasized the joy of bringing a new life into the world.

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