Observing preschoolers essay

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Observing preschoolers essay

Even though it is a necessity for many working parents, some people are apprehensive about sending their toddlers to new preschools. One way to become more comfortable with the school is by observing the preschool teacher in action.

There are many things to look for, and most people benefit from using an observation checklist to ensure that nothing is overlooked. Communication How does the teacher give feedback to students? The checklist may include a section on how children are greeted, the type of voice Observing preschoolers essay the teacher uses and how the teacher listens when children speak to her.

Other items, such as how the teacher communicates student expectations and gives student feedback are also important. Discipline How does the teacher react to misbehaving students? Discipline is an action that should be taken into account when choosing a prospective preschool and teacher. Most children will act inappropriately from time to time and need to be disciplined.

Some observation checklist items in this area may include watching how the preschool teacher reacts to disagreements between toddlers, as well as how he responds to the situation.

Observing preschoolers essay

According to a sample checklist on the Circle of Inclusion website, it is important to observe how the teacher redirects bad behaviors and turns them into learning and social development lessons.

Attitude How does the teacher address children who are struggling? For example, most effective preschool teachers have a positive outlook and encourage positive interactions between children.

Look for situations that show how the teacher helps a child who is struggling, and observe how helpful and respectful she is with the student.

Observe how the children react to her.


Training and Education Sit down to discuss a teacher's background and teaching philosophy. When parents are visiting potential preschools, they should sit down and speak with the preschool teacher to learn about her teaching philosophy and background.

Other items to be on the lookout for are training certificates, such as in first aid and CPR.Mar 21,  · Children playing with cars and trucks - NQS PLP Connecting with Practice - Duration: ECA Learning Hub 65, views.

Free child observation papers, essays, and research papers. 4/3/12 ph-vs.com Example of Preschool Observation: documentation and analysis Ana, aged /2, was observed in the Cabrillo preschool classroom.

An essay or paper on The Child Observation Assignment. Kalia is a four year old child who has blond hair and blue eyes. She is short in stature when compared to other children her age and appears to be of average weight. Kalia initially presents herself to be a confident child who has a solid grasp on the world around her, but upon closer observation I.

Observation #1: Children Observing people in an informal setting allows you learn more about who they are as a person. You can learn about what makes them uncomfortable, how well they handle social situations, and what they excel at.

Observing preschoolers essay

Observation essays can be excellent learning experiences. I know that one was for me. If you're writing your own observation essay for a particular class, you will need to check with your instructor for the specific guidelines for that assignment.

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