Portfolio teacher and internship period

Facility and Preceptor Forms can be found on the DI website and should be completed and submitted with the application.

Portfolio teacher and internship period

Teacher Preparation Team 2 The Internship: It is a professional learning tool that interns can use to reflect on their growth as a teacher over time, clarify their philosophy and teaching goals, connect those ideas to their emerging practice, and communicate their accomplishments to prospective employers.

Feedback from prior interns indicates that although not all employers review portfolios, many give prospective applicants an opportunity to refer to them during interviews. More importantly, many interns from previous years have reported that the experience of preparing a portfolio and the effort involved in articulating and representing their talents, abilities, expertise and accomplishments was an invaluable tool in preparing them for job interviews.

They felt more confident and prepared to talk about their philosophy, goals and experience after engaging in the portfolio development process.

Moreover, many states are encouraging beginning and experienced teachers to develop professional portfolios to promote ongoing professional learning.

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Engaging in portfolio processes. The creation of a professional portfolio is a professional development process through which teachers document their progress and accomplishments in learning to teach for themselves, for their colleagues, and for prospective employers.

Interns engage in several processes that are also associated with the classroom-based work with their CTs, that assist them in acquiring and making sense of new knowledge and skills and reflecting on their ongoing work in the classroom: Although the portfolio process necessarily cuts across all aspects of the internship experience, the task of creating the portfolio itself is officially connected to the TE and TE seminars, where the field instructors provide support and guidance and clarify requirements.

Identify, share, and selecting potential portfolio artifacts. As interns engage in co-planning and co-teaching, they will be asked to gather and reflect upon various artifacts that will become potential portfolio items.

In a sense, they are working on a "rough draft" of their portfolio across the internship year, that can be thought of as having two types of activities: A major part of developing a teaching practice involves acquiring new knowledge and skills.On the other hand, the work within the portfolio and the process of assembling and reflecting upon the portfolio may comprise such a significant portion of a student's work in a grade or class that the teacher deems it appropriate to assign a value to it and incorporate it into the student's final grade.

Portfolio teacher and internship period

Jan 11,  · Outcomes of the internship. Across the six- or nine-week period of an internship, the following expectations generally apply: During this stage the mentor teacher needs to confirm the intern’s capacity to assume the level of responsibility expected.


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The World Youth Alliance Internship Program provides opportunities for young people who are inspired by the ideas and work of the World Youth Alliance (WYA) to gain professional skills working on WYA’s projects and a substantive learning experience on WYA’s core ph-vs.comts are designed to enhance each student’s specific academic background and interests.

PORTFOLIO, RESUME, AND JOB INTERVIEW Brittany Straw, M.S. Career Counselor Arkansas State University Career Services First grades for a period of three weeks each.

Portfolio teacher and internship period

Supervising Teacher (from internship site). Course Listings. The Course Listings webpage is designed to inform students on scheduling opportunities over various semesters OPEN for registration.

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