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Reasearch tote case

This passage, The abomination, presents as follows: Although Mark's "Prophetic Oracle for Judea in a Time of Emergency", Anderson, is somewhat visionary, even apocalyptic, most commentators read it as describing Rome's military action against Israel's rebellion.

In the face of the advancing Roman armies there is panic and fright as the Roman forces prepare to sack Jerusalem. Pity help those caught up in this horror; better it be summer than winter.

On the other hand, we do need to understand that prophecy is layered, and that although Jesus is addressing the now for his generation, his words also apply to the not yet, an even greater tribulation that will precede the parousia.

The tribulation facing the Jewish population in 66AD serves as a mysterious paradigm for a greater tribulation in the last day. So, it seems that "neither an exclusively historical, nor an exclusively eschatological interpretation is satisfactory, and that we must allow for a double reference, for a mingling of historical and eschatological", Cranfield, so also Edwards, Evans, Marcus, Boring.

See the introductory notes in Mark A simple exposition of this passage can be found in the pew-level sermon notes The Abomination. Jesus now answers the disciples' request for the sign of "these things.

Jesus tells us that the sign is Daniel's "desolating sacrilege" which predicts a major secular desecration of the temple. Mark's readers would understand that the secular power is obviously Rome, particularly as Jesus later explains that the sacrilege will occur during the lifetime of his own generation, v In fact, Luke spells it out for us, "but when you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies, then you know its desolation has come near", Lk.

The genitive is adjectival, attributive, limiting "abomination"; it is a "wasted" type of "abomination", a "desolated sacrilege".

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Daniel is speaking of a "sacrilege" where the temple is profaned and thus "detested and rejected by God", such "that the abominable thing causes the temple to be deserted, the pious avoiding the temple on its account", Cranfield. This could well be the case since the "desolated sacrilege" alludes to the emperor and his legions moving against the apple of God's eye in the now and of the anti-Christ in the not yet.

So, "standing" here doesn't actually mean that the desolated sacrilege stands somewhere where it doesn't belong, rather it has come to exist, to be were it doesn't belong, eg.

Alluding to the holiness of the temple set upon by pagan forces where they have no right to set foot. The participle serves as a substantive. This parenthetical note by Mark is somewhat unclear.

Is he just saying to the reader "note the importance of this"? And why "reader" when the reader would be reading to a congregation? Is Mark being a bit cryptic saying something like "you know what that means"? Mark, and of course Jesus, understands the layered nature of a prophets words.

Possibly Mark feared the Roman authorities, but it seems more likely that he is being faithful to the apocalyptic nature of the oral tradition.

Jesus would certainly have used apocalyptic language in prophesying the destruction of the temple, but he would have also explained the imagery to his disciples.

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These words from Mark are often used to date the gospel in relation to the destruction of the temple, but the words can be used to argue a date before or after 70AD.

Jesus goes on to explain to his disciples what they need to do when faced with this terrible event. The answer is flee; don't wait around to pack up the house, don't even go back for something left behind.

Pity help pregnant and nursing mothers in that terrible day, in fact, pity help anyone who can't get away quickly. Tradition has it that the believers in Jerusalem read the signs and left for Pella across the Jordan before Jerusalem was set upon by the Roman legions. The evidence is that the believers in Jerusalem did just that.

Reasearch tote case

They left and went to Pella across the Jordan. This advice applies to the tribulation before the parousia although reading the signs is always a precarious occupation.

All that we can say is that we will know the sign in that day. When faced with a marauding army it is a wise move to head for the bush. The article serves as a nominalizer turning the prepositional phrase "upon the roof-top" into a substantival construction subject of the verb "to come down"; "Anyone who happens to be on the house top", Barclay.

An imperative would normally take the present tense. Immediate evacuation is required. Expressing separation, "away from", or serving instead of a partitive genitive. Again this verse expresses the idea of emergency evacuation. The participle serves as a substantive, as also "the ones nursing", dative of interest, disadvantage.

Although the tribulation cannot be avoided, either prior to the destruction of the temple, or prior to the return of Christ, believers are not abandoned to blind brute force. We can know the season and avoid the worst of the cataclysm; we can also pray for divine aid in the face of the cataclysm and so avoid the worst of the circumstances.L7 Centers Handouts Kindergarten Literacy Centers Activity Cards (for trainers) #1 Sequencing (Standards 5, 7, and 8) Materials A read aloud book from the reading list and that is familiar to participants such as.

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Reasearch tote case

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African Americans - History, Modern era, The first africans in america