Soda jerks essay

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Soda jerks essay

But we all know those people who really like to drink, and like to do it often. As fun as it is to party, sometimes you want to go out and have a good time without regretting it the next day. Hangovers have their time and place, but when you have real responsibilities it is nice to have a way to hit it a little less hard, preferably without drawing attention to your secret plan.

Feel free to mix and match these tricks, different situations call for different lines of defense. Alternate with water This is a tried and true way to both cut back on alcohol and stay hydrated, thereby preventing a hangover.

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Every drink or two, go to the bar and ask for some water. Just be sure to finish the waters and feel free to take your time.

Soda jerks essay

Drink clear liquids Clear liquids like gin and vodka look like melting ice. Besides being easily palatable and sugar free, you also have the option of leaving out the vodka all together.

You do the math. To avoid getting hammered on the job, bartenders keep a half empty pint of beer nearby and pretend to use it as a chaser but really spit shots back into it. Just remember to notactually drink the beer later.


Show up late Sometimes special occasions are specifically set aside for excessive drinking. If you need to make an appearance but would rather not sacrifice your liver, show up minutes late. Everyone will already be one drink ahead of you.

What are your favorite tricks for drinking less without your friends knowing? Originally published June 29, Archives and past articles from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News, and Soda Jerks is on Facebook.

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Soda water is a necessary ingredient in many cocktails, such as whisky and soda or Campari and soda. Cooking [ edit ] Carbonated water is increasingly popular in cooking to provide a lighter texture to doughs and batters as compared to regular water.

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Soda jerks essay

Formed in Sydney in , Soda_Jerk are based in New York where their work was recently shown in a dedicated program at Anthology Film Archives.

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