Zipcar customer behavior

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Zipcar customer behavior

View solution to the question: Customer-Driven Marketing When you a college student, getting around campus or off-campus can sometimes be a challenge. You can ride your bike or your skateboard.

Depending on where you go to school, Zipcar has got you covered. If you happen to attend the University of New Hampshire, you in luck. Zipcar is a car-sharing network based in Cambridge, Massachusetts that operates in metropolitan areas and on university campuses around the U. Car-sharing was already popular in Europe ten years ago when Zipcar founders decided to see if the idea would fly in the U.

Shortly after its introduction to urban dwellers and U.

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At the University of New Hampshire UNHstudents and faculty already had several transportation options, including an Amtrak station nearby and several bus services.

But Brett Pasinella, who works for the University Office of Sustainability, wanted to find a way to link the different transportation options and expand them in a sustainable fashion.

His research told him that Zipcar fit UNH existing options. We went through a bidding process to get the right company, Pasinella says.

Zipcar customer behavior

The firm had to meet UNH requirement that membership include insurance and fuel. Zipcar really stood out because of their technology and understanding of the services and what we were looking for, explainsPasinella.

But UNH still had to sell the idea to budget-conscious students in order to make it work.

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The Zipcar system is simple: When they join, members receive their own Zipcard like a key card that unlocks any Zipcar. Members reserve a car online, then use their Zipcard to access it.

Gas and insurance are included with membership, as well as an average of miles per day. To sell the concept to UNH students, Brett Pasinella engaged a senior class of marketing students to develop a marketing plan for all the transportation systems available on campus.

The class split into teams, one of which chose the Zipcar project. In addition, they saw Zipcars parked around the campus so they became familiar with the brand.

Zipcar entire fleet is EPA Smart Way certified and includes hybrids as well as other zero-emission vehicles. A lot of students will focus on the fact that Zipcar is easier for them and saves them money, concedes Erin Badger.

We have to promote Zipcar toward what students are looking for, and those are the two biggest factors. After the first year in operation at UNH, Zipcar membership is growing.

UNH conducted a survey of members and discovered that users like the convenience and visibility of the cars as well as the low cost.

She accrued a lot of parking tickets around campus before she joined Zipcar. Questions for Critical Thinking 1. Who is Zipcar target market? How might Zipcar market be further segmented? Describe how Zipcar might create a marketing mix for colleges and universities.

Describe how studying consumer behavior could help select a strategy for UNH marketing effort. What steps can Zipcar take to manage its relationship with UNH? This question was answered on Jun 24, SIUE Partners with Zipcar to Offer Car Sharing on Campus August 18, , AM Southern Illinois University Edwardsville launched a new partnership today with Zipcar, Inc., the world’s leading car sharing network, to offer a Zipcar sharing program on campus.

Zipcar’s innovative mobility solution supports the City-Parish’s sustainability goals by enabling residents to live car-free or car-lite lifestyles and in turn, Baton Rouge is providing Zipcar with designated on-street parking spots in the downtown area.

Although Zipcar has charged penalties if a customer return his/her car late without approved extension, customer behaviour has not been changed much. Instead, the penalty program increased customers’ complaint against those extra charges.

Rewarding customers who help the company avoid inefficient operations triggered by sub optimal customer behavior such as failing to refill the tank when low, returning late or damaging the cards to the point the need immediate repair.

Zipcar’s post-recession heyday coincided with a decline in car ownership and a belief that car share was the future for us all. The major rental companies also started experimenting with car share back in , creating programs like Enterprise Car Share (formerly We Car) and Hertz 24/7 (formerly Connect by .

Here’s how Zipcar moved mapping from an activity to a CX competency that drives business behavior. Create a One Page High Level Eco-System To get started with customer experience, we built a very simple, high level of the customer journey on one page so everyone could understand it at a high level We call it our eco-system.

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